Cintech team up with food processor Olymel

Olymel and Cintech agroalimentaire’s respective management announced today an agreement to share spaces, human resources and materials at Cintech’s new facilities in St-Hyacinthe

Thanks to this agreement, Olymel, Canada’s leading pork and poultry processor, will develop a chemistry lab in Cintech agroalimentaire’s new building in St-Hyacinthe. The announcement of this agreement also enables Cintech agroalimentaire to take a major step forward as an innovation driver.

A team of professionals will be permanently installed in the new lab by the end of January,
under the supervision of Eric Pouliot, Director, Food Science and Technology, at Olymel. This lab will ensure that Olymel’s research and development teams’ technology needs are properly met, by giving them access to a huge space within the agri-food technology park.

Through this initiative, and as part of its activities, Cintech wishes to share equipment and expertise in the agri-food field. By pooling the expertise of both companies, while also harnessing the know-how of Olymel’s teams, Cintech aims to meet the technological needs and objectives that have been set to ensure the company’s development and resilience.

« By centralizing Olymel’s chemistry lab in our new building, Cintech is taking an important step as an ecosystems builder. This shows that it’s possible to pool our equipment and expertise for the purpose of accelerating agri-food innovation in Quebec so we can, among other things, improve our food self-sufficiency. Resource sharing and mutual aid are an integral part of Cintech’s culture, and this initiative with Olymel is just the beginning of a mutually beneficial collaboration. This agreement also opens the door to other partnerships that will be announced in the coming weeks, to make it possible to pool R&D for Quebec’s agri-food companies. »

Jean Lacroix, CEO, Cintech agroalimentaire

« This agreement enables Olymel to demonstrate its leadership in the agri-food industry, especially in the aspects of its activities affecting R&D and quality assurance. It’s inspired by an innovative approach in the R&D field that will generate a profitable synergy for our two organizations. We’re happy to offer our knowledge and experience in food chemistry while getting access to Cintech agroalimentaire’s research equipment and expertise. This innovative venture is a first for Canada, and we hope it leads to a new approach in pre-competitive research and innovation. This agreement will also allow Olymel to enjoy greater autonomy in the nutritional analysis of foods that the company produces, and it will provide long-term benefits for the entire agri-food industry in Quebec. »

Sylvain Fournaise, Vice President, Food Safety and Technical Services, and Research & Development, Olymel

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